Living life at a higher level means finding ways to create opportunities for other people.

Opportunities are defined as: unique options ( rare and often time-bound) with significantly more upside (benefits) than downside (cost).

Examples are abundant:
– Creating employable opportunities: having a great attitude, track record and education SPECIFIC to your field of employment, where hiring you is an ‘opportunity’ for a company.
– Creating work opportunities: not only with better compensation, but better environments, better leadership, more freedom and lifestyle.. all of which can trump a better pay check.
– Creating business opportunities: opportunities to invest for equity ownership and / or performance (example: profit based) and commission (sales based ) opportunities
– Creating mentorship opportunities: for people that need specific strategies to accelerate their progress in achieving specific goals
– Creating product opportunities: bringing together scattered resources and creating a product that people want; that buying is an ‘opportunity’ because they cannot get it anywhere else.
– Creating service opportunities: bringing together a team of top notch people and training them to execute at a level that makes working with them an ‘opportunity’

The last piece (NOT the first piece) is marketing. Specifically knowing how to position and present your unique offer so that the benefits of your opportunity are clearly presented, to the right people.

Most marketing is ‘hype’ because what is being offered is NOT an opportunity.

It takes time and a high level of creativity and care to develop an offer that is truly what can be defined as an opportunity.

But as this small list shows, we all have the ability to create real opportunities for others that can advance not only our own position in life, but everyone we help!