Defining the world Blog Image

There is no such thing as ‘the world’ only a collection of ‘perception bubbles’ that attempt to understand it. Although the environment appears to exist independent of perceptions and beliefs, the perceptions and beliefs of billions eventually become expressed as part of ‘the world’ we observe.

In an attempt to simplify the complex, the brain is good at taking a small amount of information and trying to complete the picture with imagination. For example, it’s easy for most of us to imagine the space being full of black holes, worm holes, other galaxies and alien civilizations even though we have never left our own planet. These are mental projections of reality, not actual reality. Similarly, our brains attempt to fill in the blanks on less far-out concepts like THIS world. Again, our perception bubbles are full of mental projections, that contain very little of actual reality. Very simply this means there is A LOT, we cannot possibly know, no matter how hard we try. We are limited by our perceptions and our perceptions limited by a narrow range of experiences over a finite amount of space and time (at least for now).

Put another way, ‘the world’ is way more than the limitations of your ‘perception bubble’ could ever conceive it to be.. Unless your awareness existed in all places at all times. So why limit your imagination on what reality can be? What you can create? Or who you can become? Clear out all the limiting beliefs and attempt to see reality as it is, full of potential just waiting to be unleashed!

We are all part of ‘the world’ we are defining. And moment by moment your focus, your creations and who you are becoming literally CHANGES the world as we know it. It may not be totally visible at first, but it’s happening, right this very second. We all desire to change ‘the world’ to some degree, and we are… Right now!