I created a quick diagram to explain how I go about some of the INTEGRATION work I do that’s so important in the spiritual journey

1 – It begins with “I” at the center or the identity that represents the completeness of “ME” in this moment .. the ever changing now, the constant re-creation of who I am.

2 – Next is my INTENTION which is how I carry out who I am. Either consciously or subconsciously, I always have an intention, focus makes it seem more fixed, but it is in a constant state of flux unless I am fully aware and clear on what my intention is.

3 – Next is my IMAGINATION which is in a broader sense: how I see myself, my world and my part in it. Or anything that I create in my mind’s eye that does not already exist.

We use our imagination a great deal more than we think we do.. in order to “assume” our reality and predict future consequence. The key is to use our imagination consciously and shatter limitations or self-judgement to allow ourselves imagine ourselves as more powerful, our world more moldable and our part bigger than we might have previously imagined.

Everything is far more changeable than we might have realized and our powers greater than we might ever know. It’s fun to test things out in reality and experiment with just how powerful we are, rather than accept things to be unchangeable or impossible.

As we acquire new beliefs about what’s possible, how we view ourselves or our role in the world automatically shifts accordingly. In short you can imagine yourself into a new role or a new life or a new self image or a new mission far easier than you might have previously realized.

4 – Next is my INFLUENCE , which represents my power to basically implement the “I” of who I am, my INTENTION, and ultimately what’s in my IMAGINATION.

This is the INTEGRATION of everything I embody right now.. and even by simply being who I am.. “not doing” anything, I still have an influence on my reality based on who I am.. because I am still an energy field.. I still have influence on other energies.

Bottom line – its very important that who I am is coming from a high energy place as much as possible.. from love.. from centeredness.. from positive intentions and that I’m conscious about what I’m imagining for myself now and the world of my future.

Meditation is a great way to slow down external stimulus so that I can really be mindful of what is going on in my mind and heartful about what I really intend to create for myself, for this world and my purpose and part in it.

I suggest using this diagram of: I – Intention – Imagination – Influnece in conjunction with the 6 point meditation I mentioned before to bring about a faster integration and maximize your creative potential / integration.


And now for a review of the 2nd diagram I talked about a few days ago to help you to become more aware before diving deeper:

Imagine a circle of “Now” and bring it inside your heart. Now take that circle and connect it to 3 external points and then 3 internal points. Then direct your awareness to each point

1 – What am I seeing right now?
2 – What am I hearing right now?
3 – What am I doing right now?

1 – What am I seeing? (mind’s eye)
2 – What am I hearing? (internal voice)
3 – What am I feeling? (emotional)

By simply being aware of each point on a regular basis it gives you far more control of your mind and offers incredible benefits such as peace, calm and strengthened focus and higher awareness.


Then you can direct this focus to the
– “Who am I right now?”
– “What are my intentions right now?”
– “What do I imagine to be true right now?”
– “What am I influencing right now?”

.. When we can ground spirituality into an integrated practice .. we have taken the most important step of moving from concepts about the universe to co-creation with it.