Do IT meaning- open up, let go, move forward WITHOUT hanging on to the past. This last step is key! Hanging onto the past in any form produces drag that slows down the flight of your spiritual progress. You cannot truly fly as fast as you want if you have lots of drag.

But cutting off drag can be painful, since your attached to it and it feeds your energy on some level. This is why people often prefer the path of ‘hard work’ and saying they are really ‘working’ on their problems because it allows them to RESIST change longer. And hang onto their attachments / drag. Why? Because if feels comfortable! (even if its painful hanging onto it, its familiar and safe)
Enter resistance: When you feel you don’t have the truth, or that the truth is difficult, you get to procrastinate. Enlightenment must require 20 years of meditation in a cave, or finding a guru, or reading 500 spiritual books or a pilgrimage to a far away land, right?? If not, I have to deal with my shi+ now! No way!

But when you know the truth in its simplest form, and it is very SIMPLE:

1- Confront pain and open up to your higher path in spite of fear
You are left with nothing but opening up the door, shedding identification with previous rooms, and taking your next spiritual step– often THROUGH the pain into the unknown. More pain is guaranteed, but when you encounter it – you do the same thing and just keep going!