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is Founder of Full Potential, Coravida Festival and the Heartclearing therapy. He holds life changing retreats in Costa Rica and Bali.

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Will Power

/Will Power

Want to feel amazing and more relaxed everyday?

By |October 29th, 2015|Confidence, Energy, Focus, Health, Mind, Personal Development, Presence, Relaxation, Spiritual Growth, Will Power|

Take some time to do the following: 1) Lay down 2) Review the body from head to toe and tell each and every muscle, organ and cell ..its OK to relax 3) See white relaxing energy and love flowing through the entire body. 4) Breathe deeply and slowly as you go 5) Do this full-body [...]

Tame the Mind!

By |May 9th, 2014|Meditation, Presence, Will Power|

Tame the mind! You cannot truly be present if you are regularly carrying around disturbing or stressing thoughts. I know its difficult but if you can learn to let go for even a second, you can gradually begin extending the length of time you can let go. Pretty soon you recondition the mind to let [...]

Productivity Redefined: DISCIPLINE vs DISTRACTION

By |August 1st, 2013|Personal Development, Spiritual Growth, Will Power|

Productivity in today's age is typically defined as output of some kind of work in exchange for some kind of reward (like money or status). Beyond mere output of work for some kind of tangible / social reward, what is productive? After a few days of pondering this question the answer came back: DISCIPLINE vs [...]

The Difference Between Dabbling and Commitment

By |July 17th, 2013|Focus, Personal Development, Will Power|

To know the difference between dabbling or commitment ask yourself - in an area that's important to you: "did I simply try, or did I exhaust all possible options to figure something out?" There's an enormous difference between dabbling in something and actually committing to it. While dabbling provides you with an excuse and a [...]

How to Go From Intention to Manifestation in Any Plane

By |July 15th, 2013|Focus, Mind, Personal Development, Spiritual Growth, Will Power|

I'm writing about the cause and effect chain from intention to manifestation. The flow of energy from source to manifestation. Intention is the clarification of personal truth. What you ultimately aim to focus on. Not what sounds good or is good public relations, but the truth behind the story. The most powerful intentions are driven [...]

How to Use Sugar as a Tool for Strengthen Will Power

By |June 30th, 2013|Body, Focus, Will Power|

  Food can seem like such an innocent temptation. A little treat here and there, it's not like you splurge every day right? But the real damaging effects of poor food choices are residual, both in the physical body AND in the gradual weakening of will power. Here's what I mean: Say you have your [...]

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