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is Founder of Full Potential, Coravida Festival and the Heartclearing therapy. He holds life changing retreats in Costa Rica and Bali.

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Working Through the Heart

By |October 27th, 2014|Love, Perspective, Purpose, Relationships, Spiritual Growth|

The more I work with people on the heart level, the more I realize how much work there is to be done. Everyone's story speaks about damage to the heart at some point. And in most cases, the reaction to heart pain is heart closing, as a way to prevent future vulnerability. On top of [...]

How to Predict the Future

By |September 30th, 2014|Perspective, Success, Time|

Want to predict the future? Look at your trajectory. Based on your current habits, your future is heading up, down or sideways. Only two things can change your current trajectory: outside circumstance or YOU.

The Two Best Strategies for Changing Your State

By |September 23rd, 2014|Body, Personal Development, Perspective, Productivity, Success, Time|

The thing that gets most people in trouble, is their strategy for changing their state. Changing your state is not simply a nicety or luxury, it is as important as survival needs like food, water, sex and shelter. In fact in some cases, people will give up even these basic human needs including risking life [...]

Recreate Yourself

By |September 19th, 2014|Confidence, Ego, Personal Development, Perspective, Spiritual Growth|

Perhaps one of the most liberating insights I ever had is that our self image is not set in stone. Like wet clay through childhood it might be greatly shaped by parents, friends and experiences.. but before it hardens in our teens or early 20s we have the power to greatly reshape it. And even [...]

Strive for Something Meaningful

By |September 15th, 2014|Personal Development, Perspective, Purpose, Spiritual Growth|

Surfing is a lot like life in that we spend most of our time striving for something. You spend so much more time in the water exerting effort than you do actually riding the wave. Similarly in life, we spend the majority of our lives in the journey, and very little time at the destination. In [...]

Prioritize Daily Fulfillment Over Long Term Achievement – You Will Be Happier

By |September 5th, 2014|Personal Development, Perspective, Purpose, Success, Time, Wealth|

All those years of playing strategy games on the computer growing up as a kid, I did not realize much I was preparing myself for strategic action in the bigger game of REAL LIFE. But first I had to stop wasting my time and get serious about what I really wanted to do in life. [...]

Don't Create an Offer, Create an Opportunity

By |September 2nd, 2014|Capitalism, Entrepreneurship, Perspective, Productivity, Spiritual Growth, Success, Wealth|

Living life at a higher level means finding ways to create opportunities for other people. Opportunities are defined as: unique options ( rare and often time-bound) with significantly more upside (benefits) than downside (cost). Examples are abundant: - Creating employable opportunities: having a great attitude, track record and education SPECIFIC to your field of employment, [...]

Breaking Free and Being the Observer

By |August 3rd, 2014|Mind, Personal Development, Perspective, Purpose, Spiritual Growth|

Millions of years ago cells banded together into groups, these groups eventually formed colonies with special functions known as "organs". These organs form part of bigger specialized systems (breathing, respiration, circulation, reproduction, emotions, hormones, thought). The sum total of the entire system is a energy known as "Ego". The Ego lives primarily for the survival [...]

How Can I Maintain Higher Awareness And Not Slide Back Into My Old Personality?

By |July 16th, 2014|Ego, Perspective, Spiritual Growth|

Question: "How can I maintain higher awareness? I find myself having moments of clarity and then I feel like I regress into my old personality, routines and thoughts that don't serve me." This is an important thing to realize.. Even after you have unique spiritual experiences or deep insights that totally shift your perspective and [...]

Life May Not Be Exactly As You Dream It To Be..

By |July 6th, 2014|Love, Personal Development, Perspective, Spiritual Growth|

Life may not be exactly as you dream it to be. But that doesn't mean you stop trying. Life is a dance of many desires and forces in the universe. We all have a hand in creating what it is and WILL be, some Souls are more active than others. But its a collective effort. [...]

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