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is Founder of Full Potential, Coravida Festival and the Heartclearing therapy. He holds life changing retreats in Costa Rica and Bali.

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My Story of 0 to Life

By |March 11th, 2016|Emotional, Financial, My Story, Perspective|

When I was first starting out in my business I feel like I was one of the first people to use Elance .. this was back in 2004. I know Elance was founded in 1999 but even in 2004 it was still relatively new. This gave me huge advantages in my web development company at [...]


By |November 18th, 2015|Heart, Love, Perspective, Social|

In traveling all around the world.. even to "extreme" muslim countries I know this to be true. People are generally good, kind and helpful. The majority of people don’t even start wars, governments do. Just because love doesn’t always make the news, does not mean its not growing more powerful   Feel the love! Feed [...]

The Path is Now

By |November 10th, 2015|Perspective, Purpose, Spiritual Growth|

The path is now The past is not the path, nor is the future Feel the light ahead of the path, lighting the path Everything about feeling great, feeling your best is about being on the path The path is always changing, but stay focused on the path The moment you get attached to something [...]

Daily Insights

By |November 9th, 2015|Perspective, Spiritual Growth|

I am here .. Constant change Love learning to grow Grow to love learning Love learning growth Embracing myself in all forms I am free when I am out of the illusion of me The ME program ME, My Self, My Stuff MINE.. Such a powerful phrase This is MINE Mine .. Mind .. My [...]

I had no idea when I began this Heartclearing work..

By |September 9th, 2015|Emotional, Love, Perspective, Relationships|

I had no idea when I started this heartclearing work the sheer number of people that need it. Everywhere I go I am...Posted by James Rick Stinson on Monday, September 7, 2015

Understanding One's Imperfections

By |June 5th, 2015|Perspective, Spiritual Growth|

Many expect for God or Jesus to come as perfection. But it is through the imperfection, imperfection is understood And through loving the 'individual' self through imperfection, it is possible to love others And in loving others through imperfection, the entire 'self' is understood and accepted; the illusion of separateness is overcome. If God is the whole, [...]

Material things – Hinders your Spiritual Growth and Focus

By |May 19th, 2015|Energy, Focus, Personal Development, Perspective, Purpose, Spiritual Growth|

Stuff can be dangerous. It can distract you and cause you to put your focus and intention outside of yourself. It becomes especially dangerous when you become attached to it or identified with it. Your awareness becomes "stuck" in the world of stuff and its harder for awareness to move freely. You become "your stuff" [...]

Old World vs New World

By |April 22nd, 2015|Perspective|

In the old world vs the new world.. You have people with love and no power. Or people with power and no love. I am talking on a global scale. And the next phase of our evolution is to have power WITH love. We are destined for a time when for the entire planet, from leadership on [...]

This Life Is Based on the Energy You Bring Into It

By |November 18th, 2014|Energy, Perspective, Purpose, Spiritual Growth|

Ultimately this life is the physical result of the energy you bring into it. Energy IS potential and so 'full potential' means full-of-energy. Not artificially or in appearance alone, but heart-based and fed from a higher source.

The World is More Than We Imagine It to Be

By |October 29th, 2014|Focus, Mind, Personal Development, Perspective, Spiritual Growth|

There is no such thing as 'the world' only a collection of 'perception bubbles' that attempt to understand it. Although the environment appears to exist independent of perceptions and beliefs, the perceptions and beliefs of billions eventually become expressed as part of 'the world' we observe. In attempt to simplify the complex, the brain is [...]

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