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is Founder of Full Potential, Coravida Festival and the Heartclearing therapy. He holds life changing retreats in Costa Rica and Bali.

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Vibrating Oneself to the Highest Possible Frequency

By |July 19th, 2015|Mastermind, Meditation, Spiritual Growth|

  We are all here to raise the frequency of ourselves, this planet and the universe. There is no specific or perfect path, except that first through BEING at a higher frequency your work has already begun. Being at a higher frequency is like a vortex of energy that automatically effects everything around it. Normally [...]

Ohm a connection to Home and God

By |April 9th, 2015|Meditation|

Some of the words use all the time, contain the answer to where we are trying to go. They are ancient in sound and meaning, ultimately taking us from mental concept to the freedom in the sound vibration itself. #1 Oh my god = Ohm my god Using the power of the sound "oh" and [...]

Tame the Mind!

By |May 9th, 2014|Meditation, Presence, Will Power|

Tame the mind! You cannot truly be present if you are regularly carrying around disturbing or stressing thoughts. I know its difficult but if you can learn to let go for even a second, you can gradually begin extending the length of time you can let go. Pretty soon you recondition the mind to let [...]

Peace is Arrived at Through Subtraction

By |July 7th, 2013|Meditation, Mind, Productivity, Spiritual Growth|

We live in such a wired world, sometimes its great to simply step away and unplug. That's what we me and Shereen (my gf) did over the last week. We parked at a beautiful camp site known as Lake Trillium , about an hour outside Portland. And we spent the next 3 days returning to [...]

3 Kinds of Meditation You Can Do Right Now

By |December 17th, 2008|Meditation, Mind|

The following are three types of meditations I do almost every morning. If you have limited time in the morning you can do just one, or try to move through them quickly. I find that by doing them consistently I require less time to do them. But if I let a few days go by [...]

Step-by-Step Breathing Meditation Instructions

By |February 25th, 2008|Meditation, Presence, Spiritual Growth|

In my talks with people I'm always surprised to hear how little is still known about meditation. Many people have heard about it but few really understand how to do it. Today someone asked me to give them instructions over email. After offering detailed instructions I decided it would go a long way to share [...]

Love Flooding

By |October 27th, 2006|Love, Meditation|

The Love Flooding is very simple - repeat the Love over and over in as many variations as you can possible. High pitch, low pitch, medium pitch. Draw the word out. Love, Love, Love -- Flood your mind with it visually. Then see all kinds of people throughout your life, strangers, friends, family even people [...]

I Have Found a Place

By |October 13th, 2006|Meditation, Mind, Perspective|

I have found a place A million miles a way from here. Where it matters not, the time of year Or if it shall rain or shine Or adversity strikes neither pain nor pleasure shall be of importance here there is a place so very clear that if great misfortune strikes even still there is [...]

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