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is Founder of Full Potential, Coravida Festival and the Heartclearing therapy. He holds life changing retreats in Costa Rica and Bali.

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My Story

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How Personal Do You Get Publically?

By |October 26th, 2016|Focus, Habits, Love, My Story, Personal Development|

Every day I want to share with you real progress from my journey. And I would love for you to share in your comments your own status updates beginning with the seven major life areas. Our goal is to get to level 10 in the seven major life areas and I think it would be [...]

My Story of 0 to Life

By |March 11th, 2016|Emotional, Financial, My Story, Perspective|

When I was first starting out in my business I feel like I was one of the first people to use Elance .. this was back in 2004. I know Elance was founded in 1999 but even in 2004 it was still relatively new. This gave me huge advantages in my web development company at [...]

Everything Explained .. About My Upcoming UYFP Costa Rica Retreat

By |November 30th, 2015|My Story, Personal Development, Videos|

I have had a huge response to my last minute retreat offer. I've had a lot of questions that I'm going to answer in today's video :)       #CostaRicaRetreat #UnleashYourFullPotential #JamesRick #FullPotential

Manifesting the Coravida Festival

By |November 11th, 2015|My Story|

While I am in Costa Rica.. I am still in the beginning stages of securing a land partner for the Coravida Festival.  I have had a few exciting potential's, but nothing has really come through yet. We have one property that is about 600 acres for around $650,000 that might be closing in January.. 200 [...]

I'm Back

By |October 3rd, 2011|My Story|

Well I am back - It's been a while since the last post. I have been doing most of my blog updates at FullPotential.com where I host the Full Potential Show. But I'd like to keep this blog separate as I dive into subjects much deeper than I can on a 20 minute show. The [...]

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