I notice that if I am doing a lot of multi-tasking or in an environment where I am interrupted frequently (in person or even instant messages) my brain gets fragmented and can feel a little chaotic.

But after a good meditation or focusing on just one task without interruption for a little while I feel more centered and calm.

Some tips you might find helpful:

– Completely unplug often, ideally multiple times a day.. there’s just way too much stimulation if we stay plugged in all the time.

– Try to schedule large blocks of uninterrupted time to focus on one thing. Try to explain to others around you the best channels for communication so you won’t be interrupted.

– After intense flurry of work / messages / news etc that might fragment your focus, be prepared to balance it out with some centering meditation.

What is an example of centering? .. just lay there, breathe, relax the body and soon as you catch yourself thinking a thought let it go and get back to focusing on breath and body relaxation. Feel more alive in the now , thats it!