Millions of years ago cells banded together into groups, these groups eventually formed colonies with special functions known as “organs”. These organs form part of bigger specialized systems (breathing, respiration, circulation, reproduction, emotions, hormones, thought). The sum total of the entire system is a energy known as “Ego”.

The Ego lives primarily for the survival of the system of which it is comprised. It is by its very nature ‘selfish’, it is these selfish tendencies that have ensured its own survival for many generations.

If the Ego acts in ways that appear to be benevolent, it does so for the greater benefit of itself. It is programmed by its very nature to only care about itself and it is ‘rewarded’ by the system in the form of pleasure.

Inside of the Ego, like water filling a cup – is the energy of a Soul. This energy is known as awareness. It is often confused by Ego energy until it WAKES UP and realizes that it can move outside the boundaries of Ego. When it does, it can become aware of additional information. For example it can become more aware of how others are feeling. The awareness can travel around inside its own body or outside into other bodies or beyond – and even ‘sense’ information from other dimensions.

Physical sensation is not the end of all sensing – awareness can feel whatever exists, even beyond physical sensation. This is something I experienced first hand and helps me have confidence that there is an amazing universe of many layers beyond this physical one, literally beyond imagination.

While we are still in a physical body though, built into this Ego is heart space that is capable of feeling outside the entire system. The heart seems to plug into higher level channels that the Ego itself doesn’t have access to. Heart energy is much more sensitive than Ego energy. Ego energy is coarse and easier to feel. And if it’s all you’ve ever known – its hard to imagine an energy beyond that. Heart energy is much more ‘refined’ and takes practice to feel. And can only really be felt in the absence of Ego energy or when heart energy intensifies through pain. This is why a major breakup or loss can help you gain access to the heart in ways that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

The Awareness of your higher self can move wherever you intend it to go, as quickly as you intend it to. For example do this experiment:
– Move awareness to your left big toe
– Move it to your right ear
– Now move it to your heart

Now with the power of intention clench your fist, and unclench your fist. Notice the sensation, as your awareness is moving primarily through your fist. This experiment illustrates how awareness moves around in the physical body through intention.

Now close your eyes and move intention into your mind as you intend to focus on getting to 10 breaths without thinking of anything else. Notice as patterns of thought will crash into the mind, like waves crashing onto the shore. Causing you to forget your intention and get lost inside one of the patterns of thought. Awareness only breaks free when you remind yourself of your intention and stand once again as an observer of your thoughts, rather than a victim.

The observer is the most powerful position for your awareness. It is free from getting “stuck” in Ego or any of its patterns of thought. It can observe and gather information about it’s “self” that is not possible when its stuck inside, believing itself to be the Ego, or believing itself to be its thoughts.

I use the word ‘stuck’ because I envision the Ego as a very ‘sticky’ energy that continually pulls awareness back inside and hangs onto it. I believe the Ego does this for its own survival and control. As long as the Ego has possession of the Soul it can do whatever it wants. When the Soul has moved outside of the Ego, the Soul can act not only as the observer but as the master of the Ego – doing whatever it intends to do, using the Ego as a vehicle or instrument.

The important thing to be aware of is that the Ego is STICKY. And even though you might feel as though you have broken through the Ego layer and controlled it a hundred thousand times, the moment you are not vigilant – the Ego will pull you back in and take credit for all of your Spiritual victories. And now the expanded concept of Ego is even harder to pull away from, because now it assumes the identity of a “spiritually enlightened person” .. the ultimate form of camouflage for a righteous Ego that elevates itself above others.

The only way to really know the difference between a ‘spiritual Ego” and a more pure / higher awareness is through the feeling of energy. A spiritual Ego is certainly more enlightened and of lighter energy than one that has never come into contact with higher truth or intention. That’s what makes it harder to break free from.

The key is to humble yourself and DON’T BELIEVE that you have reached the highest state of being free from Ego.. this way you’ll remain vigilant and driven to higher levels. And you won’t allow yourself to get righteous or judgmental. It also helps to continually move yourself into the heart space and allow yourself to be heart driven. The heart has the power to drive the Ego from the higher levels even if your awareness itself isn’t fully enlightened. In other words, it’s your spiritual guidance system – even if you aren’t aware of how any of it operates.

These words are an attempt to help you UNDERSTAND how to detect and operate from higher energy. But ultimately you have to move yourself with intention — first to the ‘outpost’- to observe your Ego .. secondly to the heart center. As consistently as you can.

And remember the Ego is a sticky energy, as you progress through higher levels it wants you to believe you are enlightened so you stop trying to break free from it. It wants you to chase and crave experiences that make you feel more important, more intelligent, or elevated in any other way from others. This way it can manipulate you.
It wants you to be distracted, so that you aren’t so focused on anything that might be a threat to its control and power.

What plays out on the bigger world stage, is also playing out inside your own Ego.
The Ego wants to survive and be in power, at all costs. Only through WAKING UP inside the system and realizing that we can move outside of it, are we ever fully capable of being aware and in power of ourselves. And only when we operate from the heart center, on a consistent basis, can we be sure of making the best decisions that are truly for the greater good. And lastly, only when we humble ourselves to the realization that the Ego energy is sticky and always pulling us back into its orbit, we can never assume we know it all or that we are now free to feel righteous and judge others. Breaking free, even multiple times, doesn’t mean you are free from it.

By continually striving to exist outside our own Ego, we develop the strength and awareness necessary to stay outside of it for longer periods of time and see things more as they are and should be for the greater good, rather than as our Ego would distort them and will them to be for personal gain.