Money doesn’t follow need, it follows value. Those who need money the most usually offer little or no value in exchange for it. Thank goodness for charities and big hearts.
Survival mode is not the best place to offer long term value from. This is where most short term mistakes are made, or where someone compromises their ethics and morals.

To get out of survival mode, keep your overhead low, add what value you can now and build up reserves and focus on a longer term game plan to add even more value – there is higher upside here.

Once you’re focused on adding value, its important to structure your offer in a way that ensures you are compensated for your value. Typical structures include: hourly wages, pricing per unit or per package (for products). Higher level compensation structures include: net profit share, equity %.
In a marketplace, compensation based purely on performance is the riskiest but offers the highest potential for upside. Sales people, business owners, entrepreneurs, investors – take on the higher risk for a higher return. I try to involve all revenue generators and managers in unlimited income potential scenarios – so that there’s no ceiling on what we can do together financially. There are people who make money and add negative value. How is that possible? By offering the illusion of value or outright theft. They surely owe a debt to the world and their Soul’s are dragged down into poverty, regardless of their material success. Then there are those that add value but make no money. In some cases there is no market for the value they offer (like a Mother Theresa or a Ghandi or Buddha) but their Soul’s are rich beyond measure. Many people fall somewhere in between, adding value that can also be monetized. In cases like these, simply structuring things in a way to profit from the value (time, energy, effort, insights etc.) you provide can offer greater upside reward.

For example I know an incredibly gifted marketing person for retreats. She charges only for her time. She makes her clients a lot of money. When it comes to adding value in terms of revenue added, its good to be involved in the upside. She could could invest the same amount of time and be earning 5 – 10x more if she just changed the structure of her offer. This all sounds very logical but there’s also an intangible, heart felt component here. When you simply focus on adding value, you earn deposits in the universal bank of karma. I can honestly say that perhaps my best strategy has been to focus on answering the question: “What’s the highest value thing I can do right now?” not just for myself but for others. Do not answer it logically. Be guided by the ENERGY of your answers, the energy will reveal what truly is the highest value.

Answering this question honestly in feeling will unlock many doors and may lead on a path to destinations you cannot even possibly imagine right now. Follow the trail to higher value and you’re always on the right path!