Think about the countless times you’ve heard about public resources being used to make connected individuals wealthy. Juicy government contracts ripe with overspending. Especially in times or emergency or wars. Overspending happens when you don’t personally earn the money but you are in control of it.

Once we pay our taxes it’s like those funds go into an invisible bank account that we are supposed to trust will be used wisely by those who are in charge of it. But when it comes to humans, I will bet on their instincts 1000 to 1. As much as I want to believe they will do the right thing for everyone, I am more sure they will do the right thing for themselves.

We have to learn that a government is not a real thing. It’s living, breathing, INDIVIDUAL humans that run government. Each person is driven by individual wants and needs, and for most people, looking out for the good of humanity is often down at the bottom of their priority list, after they’ve taken care of themselves or their families and friends.

There will continue to be ‘scandals’ because it’s pure fantasy to hope that any public official puts the public at the top of their priority list. That would be a real saint.

We have to wake up to a system that is not working. Trusting individuals to be in charge of public funds and resources.

Has trusting INDIVIDUALS with public resources ever been a strategy that has worked in the publics best interest? No. So why should we stay the course?

Let me propose an alternative strategy: be a real democracy, leverage the power of the internet and let the public decide how public resources should be used.

No more presidents or public officials, everything should be open to public vote. Only those who have read the bills and can properly answer questions are allowed to vote. Let people actually participate in their country’s decision making versus only participating in mock elections to elect pretend officials, to do the thinking for them.

In the open government I am proposing, taxes go into a public account and each person has a ‘public account’ with funds that can only be used on projects that benefit the best interests of the public. I’m willing to bet 8 billion minds are better able to distribute resources fairly than the officials in office now. And you can bet wars and weapons won’t be high on people’s priority list. Which will probably bring down the total taxes required to fund government substantially and happiness way up, as those funds are allocated to more constructive activities.

Let’s start with the 350 million in the US. ‘We the people’ may be used to the kind of government we have now, but that doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. The red or blue ‘pills’ of political choice are just illusions. They both lead down a similar trail.

You might be asking: but what can I do, I am only one person? It’s that kind of apathetic thinking that allows the government to be run by the few, for the benefit of the few.
WE have the power, we have always had the power , but we were seduced into giving this power away to a highly organized, well constructed and perpetuated illusion known as big government. Folks, it’s just people, like you and I, on the other side of that fence! And there’s only a few people running the entire show! It might seem like they have a lot of resources, but only because they have OUR collective resources.

This is not socialism or communism, because even they required individual leadership corrupt on power. When you rely on a few individuals to govern the many, you will always have problems. You simply cannot trust an individual human to prioritize the needs of the whole above their own. It’s rare. And often involves a high degree of spiritual insight and discipline.

The chances of finding people like this to run a government are so low, it’s hardly a reliable strategy for good governance.

We simply have to stop relying on human INDIVIDUALS to do the right thing with public resources.

The world has never been more ready for this kind of digital democracy. We have no more need for puppet leadership, back door deals and secret squandering of public resources. The current structure has proven itself not to work, to pretend that millions of people can put their trust in the hands of a few is insanity.

Open Government: How do we get there? Be open to the idea of an open government, experiment at a local level, track the health and happiness of people as more important priorities than the GDP (gross domestic product or wealth of a nation), and let the idea spread.