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“Enjoyable..Shows you how to get more out of yourself and life than you ever thought possible!”
Brian Tracy, Author of The Way to Wealth
“An unusually in-depth look at the achievement of potential .. Enlightening and excellent ..for any intelligent person who is serious about their personal development and serious about getting the most out of life.”
Tom Butler-Bowdon, Author of 50 Self-Help Classics, 50 Success Classics, 50 Prosperity Classics, author of The Way to Wealth
mind-opening insights and new perspectives, enriched by a compassionate view of power. I kept thinking of people to share it with and how James Rick’s ideas could help me to be more productive too
Mandy Evans, Author of Emotional Options
James Rick has studied all the great philosophers and simplifies their theories in a way that will definitely make you think about how you manage your time and life. It’s not just about positive thinking, it’s about taking action.
Rima Rudner, Author of CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY
James provides a wealth of information for understanding all that it means to be human. I love the analogies in the Full Potential Model… James presents the principles in a succinct manner that can be easily applied in your life.
Julie Fuimano, Author of THE JOURNEY CALLED YOU