Clear your heart and finally get over distractions, stress, anger, overwhelm, guilt, regret , sadness, depression and pain that holds you back from living at your full potential - FAST! 

3 Simple yet challenging steps: 

  • Mindfulness
  • Heartfulness
  • Home

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Success Stories

“Huge Gratitude to James Rick Stinson - On Monday I had the delight of sitting next to him at the magical wedding of Alex and Emma - on Tuesday, I did a 1 to 1 heart cleansing session with him (most powerful and profound healing, I have ever done!! EVER!) by Thursday, I was hosting an extremely powerful workshop for 12 friends in my lounge and on Friday, Simon and I did a joint relationship session - James is now on his way back to Costa Rica, but I highly recommend following him (For me, this blows mindfulness out of the water - why on earth, would we not go straight to the heart? and yes, I did go there - I went through the bridges of fire and after being exhausted yesterday, I am now at a deep sense of peace)”


I have been an empath, highly sensitive my whole life. I struggled with absorbing the thoughts and feelings of others. Thru the years, I learned to put up walls to not feel all the pain, sadness & fear in my environment. It became more & more difficult for me to go out in public. James cleared my heart. He showed me not to be afraid to feel feelings -- to feel them and release them. He showed me that love is more powerful. I now, feel more connected with my sacred sense of purpose. In this beautiful heart space, we are all connected."


"I was just thinking about you and what all happened yesterday....thank you for coming to us! I have been in bed the whole day yesterday feeling tired and miserable, getting better now ;-). It was a nice journey with you as facilitator. You touched me by being so present, open hearted and being in touch with your surroundings. I would love to attend more of your workshops to learn how you work with people. I believe and experienced that this is better than any therapy or medicine. I actually wish to work with people this way too. 
I have this song made up for the children and one of the lyrics is "life your life in the full potential" and I get mister full potential in my house, makes me smile!”


“Before the heart clearing session, there were days that I would feel depressed. I couldn’t even explain why but I just felt that something was missing. It was getting worse every day. I was desperate to divert my attention and make myself busy. But every night, when I am about to sleep, the empty feeling in my chest keeps me awake. I had to listen to music to clear my head or at least, not hear the thoughts in my head. It’s been more than a week since my heart clearing session and I don’t remember feeling down since that day. I feel more alive now and good things are starting to come my way.”


“Before my Heart Clearing experience with James, I used to carry around all my heartaches and pains that have accumulated over the years due to different circumstances in life. Imagine how heavy that is. My friends sometimes can feel that negative energy no matter how I smile and I myself can feel the baggage.
During my heart clearing, I was able to cry out all the pains and James helped me learn the process of letting go. I used to drink first so I can cry, now I can cry anytime if I felt pain. Overtime, I learn how to let go easily.
Now, I feel a lot lighter and happier. My energy or aura is more vibrant and I’m not afraid to face and go through pain in life. Because if we process the pain and cry, we don’t have any reason to carry it around with us anymore and we are able to move on. When we have a clear heart, we can feel love even more. And by that, we are able to share it to more people and touch their aching hearts. :)”


“If only you knew how it changed my outlook on pain James. I am forever grateful that I have undergone such experience. . have learned to embrace pain and have learned each time from it. . To be focused on the present and maximize it.. and whenever another wave of pain came, acceptance of the bitter truth sets me free. . If heart clearing is a form of medicine I will take it everyday. . And if I can fully master it like you do, I’d be glad to share it to those who need it. . So thank you very much.”


“I got blown wide open! I haven't cried like that ever.. I never thought I would find myself being the one who had something hidden from my own psyche.. Sorry, not ready yet to explain. Thank You GOD, Native spirit rituals”


“I told the story to people around that were so surprised to see me refreshed and could definitely see a difference in me! and i keep getting asked about you! I’m truly grateful of what you have done with me – I still have some of the dreams but it’s definitely less and I’m learning how to control and not be stressed by them. :)”


“Enjoyable.. James Rick shows you how to get more out of yourself and life than you ever thought possible!”


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Heartclearing is a therapy developed by James Rick Stinson, designed to help a person bypass the defense mechanisms of the mind and go directly to the unresolved emotional issues in the heart. Whether it be past emotional traumas, or stuck emotional patterns and pain – heartclearing works on an energetic level to release stuck emotions and bring a person back to their heart space in a place of harmony, love and centeredness.

Heart Clearing is the process of taking away the negatively charged and painful emotions in your core to achieve a happier, more peaceful, and heart-centered life. It’s more than just a therapy as it helps in awakening your heart and soul resulting in:

* a clearer purpose in life.
* Feeling more alive and heart-centered.
* Increasing energy thus attracting better people and opportunities.
* Fully experiencing what it’s like to love and be loved.
* Being liberated from negatively charged emotions associated with the past.
* Knowing how to handle heart pains.
* Loving yourself more.
* Feeling safe without the need to control everything.


If you:
– suffered through any kind of emotionally traumatic experience like sexual abuse, emotional abuse, betrayal, break-up, loss of a dearly loved one
– have difficulty recalling events from certain periods in your pastIf you feel..
– Unable to move forward from the past
– Pressure in your chest that does not go away
– Weighed down or limited by the things that have happened in your past
– Like you cannot trust others but you want to be more connected
– Distracted, tired or overworked
– Sad or afraid to be alone
– Stress, fear or anxiety about the future
– Confused and in your head a lot
– Feeling numb or disconnected from feeling
– hate, anger, guilt, regret, sadness, depression and/or the need to cry
– inadequate or not good enough


Almost everyone in the world suffers from some kind of emotional disturbance from the past.
Heartclearing is for anyone that’s READY to clear their heart and live at a level 10.


Heart clearing is the process of clearing negatively charged emotions from the heart, so that its easier to live a happier, more peaceful and heart centered life.


If you are
– living in your head and have walls around the heart
– pushing people away when they get to close
– needing to control people and situations
– easily triggered into being angry, upset or sad
- Logical or rational but unable to feel more deeply


#1 Feel greater peace and love
#2 Feel more centered and alive
#3 Connect more easily with others
#4 Attract more positive people and opportunities
#5 Accept the self fully
#6 Express love more fully and easily
#7 Free yourself of patterns that aren’t making you happy
#8 Build a bridge between head and heart
#9 No longer fear fear, or pain.
#10 Accept a bigger role and purpose, releasing yourself from limitations